Tractor work available:

Brush Hog & Finish Mowing
Dirt work - front loader & box blade/grading & regrading for proper drainage.

Pad Leveling & Prep for Building Site

Garden Tilling
Field Discing

Landscape Raking

Weed & Tick/Insect Control - Pasture & Acreage Spraying

Brush Removal & Cleanup
Turf Sod prep & installation, and much more.

Competitive rates. Estimates avail.
Hourly: $50.00/ hr for mow, till, etc.
up to $75.00/ hr for specialty work.
OR By The Job.

Craig was trained by the U.S. ARMY Corps of Engineers in Proper Drainage Work & the use of Heavy Equipment & Earth Moving (Combat Engineer Veteran 1971-1974 - overseas active duty).

With a "CAN DO!" Motto,
we have an army of trained professionals to back us up when required.

Call, Text or Private Message Craig 405-517-5050

 (usually up by 5 am, down by 8pm)

Or Email: Craig@BarMacRanch.com

a Sub-Division of The Bar Mac Ranch
                                                     est. 1965